Makeup Products & The Problems They Cause If Not Removed

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but a little makeup never hurt anybody. A touch of mascara on the eyelashes or full mask, makeup can do wonders for anyone. The flipside is if not adequately removed every night it can horrifically damage the skin. Sleeping with your makeup on once or twice is okay, but repeatedly doing it is calling for a disaster. One has to invest in a top makeup remover to ensure the health of the skin. In this review, we discuss how different types of makeup products can cause varying issues.

Sleeping with your full paint on every day can lead to clogged pores, irritation, rough skin and the obvious breakouts. If you don’t use a proper makeup remover to get rid of every ounce of foundation, then you are likely to have premature ageing signs and bacterial growth. When we talk about removing makeup, we mean even that stubborn black liner and mascara that always seems to linger. Thinking what is a little bit of liner going to do and leaving it is tantamount to inviting redness and dryness.

Though all makeup products cause problems, there are some that result in more harmful consequences than others. One such product is the foundation. No matter what quality base you use, if it is left on for too long like overnight, it will lead to skin problems. Foundation when not removed, especially the one with an oil base, causes the breakdown of collagen. This results in fine lines on the face and formation of wrinkles. Foundation also clogs pores which end up as acne on the face.

For individuals who have oily skin or skin that is sensitive to pimples, the probability of leftover makeup causing breakouts is very high. Most women will experience new pimples and other damage the very next day. A point to remember here is that each person has a different kind of skin. Therefore, makeup will affect them in varying degrees. For example, a person who has hormonal acne will definitely see a flare-up if makeup is left on the face overnight.

Another type of makeup product that can be harmful if not tended to properly is eye makeup. Mascara and eyeliner are applied very close to the inner side of the lids. When not removed with care, it can cause eye-infections at the most and irritation at the least. Inflamed, red and watery eyes are just one consequence of eye makeup. Another is damage to the eyelashes. When mascara is left on for the whole night, it makes the lashes very brittle. This causes them to break and shed away quicker than usual.

The last product we discuss is lipstick. It is one category of makeup virtually every woman applies. From glosses to matte to lip stains to traditional lipsticks, each one of them can damage lips because they contain drying agents. They slowly sap all the moisture from your lips and leave them chapped. Even the surrounding area can get affected in the long run. Therefore, invest in a good makeup remover.

Mind Blowing Advantages Of Great Sex


When it comes to the pleasures of the bed, then few souls on the planet can seriously think about staying away. For those of you who enjoy making love to your partner, this article can be a real blessing in disguise. The experts from thermiva miami state that sex can be an excellent confidence booster for most people. If you go through the full review, then you will start to have a lot more fun while making love because of the vast array of benefits that will inevitably come your way.

Sex takes your immune system to the top notch level
Believe it or not, if you are making a lot of love, then it is highly probable that you will have lesser days of sickness. Many regular surveys state that people who are sexually active create robust antibodies to prevent the effects of several germs and bacteria. It is true that a brilliant sex life automatically does not translate into a healthy life, but it can be a crucial aspect.

More sex always means a higher sex drive
If you have experienced any decrease in your carnal impulsive and desires then having a lot of sex is the best way to redress the situation. Some women experience vaginal dryness, and hence they find it hard to have sex. If you happen to have the similar problem, then it is best to have more of it as much as possible.

You may be surprised to hear that making love regularly improves the lubrication of your vagina. The flow of blood in your vagina also takes a height while increasing the flexibility of your organ. Enhanced lubrication will undoubtedly increase the pleasure that comes your way when you are making love.

Do you have high blood pressure, then start having more sex
Some of the most reliable research has proven that men and women with active sexual life are less prone to low systolic blood pressure. If you can add physical work out and a healthy diet to your lifestyle, then your blood pressure will always be in the normal range. Yes, sex is not an alternative to medications, but it can be a brilliant adjective.

It is a beautiful way to work out your body
It is evident that you cannot rely upon it to burn all your calories. But it can give a lot of boost to your plans for weight loss. If you want to burn additional calories, then sex can be a pleasurable way to get the results that you desire.

Loss of fat also means that you will have less lifestyle-related health issues. Some studies reveal that people who have sex 3-4 time a week are less prone to heart diseases. At the same time, you will also reduce the chances of diabetes if you maintain an active and healthy sex life. Many women state that sexual stimulation leads to a decrease in menstrual cramp and severe headache. These are the many health benefits of having sex.