Things To Know Before A Tummy Tuck


Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty in medical terminology is a cosmetic surgery which is done to remove excess skin and fat from your abdomen. This procedure is useful post pregnancy or after a weight loss program when you cannot achieve it through exercise and diet. tummy tuck toronto will aid in restoring the damaged and weak abdomen muscles. There are many reasons for opting for this procedure; some are for cosmetic reasons, others for medical benefits. Read to know more.
Since this is elective surgery, it is recommended that you do proper research on all the things involved in the risks, scars, results, and recovery. Below are a few points you should know before you plan for to opt for this procedure.

Will not help you lose weight: First thing you should know is that this procedure will not help you lose weight. It is for patients who have already achieved their ideal weight and are only looking to contour their tummy. Also, it will not address the stretch marks on your tummy, but since the abdominal skin is pulled and excess fat is removed stretch marks can go away during this process.

Scars: The size and location of the scar depends on the type of tummy tuck you need and opt.
A traditional tummy tuck will have scars under the bikini line and around the belly button and will be across the hip.
A mini tummy tuck can be done for patients who need only a small amount of skin to be removed and muscles to be tightened. In this procedure, you will have a scar which can be a little longer than the scar of C section and will be below the belly button.
If you are opting for this procedure after bariatric surgery, then you can expect a T shaped scar on the abdomen.

Is not covered by insurance: A tummy tuck surgery is considered a tummy tuck cosmetic procedure and hence not covered by insurance. If this procedure is for a hernia operation or any other medical issue, a few insurances may cover a part of the process. Apart from the surgery, you should also consider the expenditure involved in prescriptions medicines and other medical supplies.

Plan time for recovery: Abdominoplasty is not considered as a minor operation, and you will have difficulty in performing your normal activities for at least two weeks. You should give yourself sufficient time to rest and heal. You should arrange for some assistance in childcare and chores around the house and avoid any physical activity and bend for at least a month after surgery. You can see the results by six months, swelling and pain should be reduced by the first month. The scars will be visible.

Eating healthy heals you faster: Post surgery you should have nutritious food and a diet which is rich in healthy grains, fruits, and vegetables. Proteins and a balanced diet will give you a better immune system and heals your wounds faster. Avoid unhealthy fast food and processed food to recover well post your surgery.

Advantages of Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can be termed as a plastic surgery procedure where fat-graft mammoplasty and breast implant approaches are used to change the size, shape and texture of a woman’s breasts. This is seen as an elective cosmetic surgery as it changes the aesthetics of the breasts of the patient. According to the top plastic surgeon toronto, many women opt for this elective surgery to feel more confident about their appearance. You can find a few tips to get recover quickly from a breast augmentation surgery at

Although breast augmentation is considered to be a cosmetic surgery here are a few unexpected advantages it offers:

· More Confidence
The people of today are more concerned about their looks than previous generations that have walked the planet till date. Body shaming is a common trend to make women feel inferior due to their body parts. You can overcome the feeling of insecurity by making a few changes to a part of your body with the help of plastic surgery. This act is often seen as an empowering move by the women of today. You can change the way you look and how you are perceived with a simple procedure. Once you feel a surge in your confidence levels, you will be able to go ahead and pursue our desires and goals without a second thought.

· Better Sex Life
A recent survey has discovered a link between a better sex life and breast augmentation surgery. Over sixty percent of the women who have undergone an augmentation procedure claim to have a better sex life post-surgery. The surge of confidence can be one of the reasons why the majority of women feel this way. Interestingly, sexual desire has also been recorded to have gone up after undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Although several factors come into play here, one of the major reasons is the fact that women with body issues often do not enjoy sex and try to put it off as long as possible. However, once they undergo this elective procedure, they find out that are extremely comfortable with their new body and want to indulge in all the fun it offers with their partner.

· Fashion Forward
Flat chested women or women who have smaller breasts are often at a disadvantage when trying out the latest fashion trends. Most of the latest outfits and trends tend to be designed for women who are better endowed and add to the lack of confidence that women with smaller breasts face. Once you get a breast augmentation done, you can flaunt your new figure with the latest outfits. The added physical volume will help you to fill out clothes better and boost your confidence at the same time. This is one of the main reasons why women opt to have this elective surgery. After all, who doesn’t like looking good and feeling good about themselves? Experienced plastic surgeons are the best option to get breast augmentation done. They will be able to assess your case and be ready in case any complication arises.